Why I Give Wednesday: MEDA Volunteer and Future Mission Techie Bianca Martinez

1935-12092015_DEV-Why I Give Wednesday Images-Bianca Martinez_blog_v1To celebrate this season of giving and thankfulness, every Wednesday we will showcase staff, Board members, volunteers and clients telling what this Mission District, San Francisco nonprofit brings to their lives.

I first learned about MEDA from my mother when she went to get help with filing her taxes for free. My sister joined the Mission Techies program a few months later while she was home from college on summer break. Looking for something to do after school that would provide me with some real-life experience, I turned my attention to the organization that had given to my family. I started volunteering at MEDA every Wednesday, providing administrative support to staff in MEDA’s Digital Opportunity Center.

“I used to think MEDA only worked with people on their finances — helping people file taxes or open bank accounts, or get training to find higher paying jobs. I was surprised when I saw staff members working with kids my age who needed a place to stay, or families that were without food. MEDA does so much to help families get the things they need to stay safe and healthy, and I love being a part of that.

“I give to MEDA because they help Latino families, and I don’t see them getting helped at many places. I love that MEDA connects young people, like me, to resources that will help them succeed as adults. MEDA has given me the skills I’ll need to be a stronger college applicant.

“When I turn seventeen next year, I plan to join the Mission Techies program, just like my sister. Until then, I’ll keep volunteering at MEDA, so that I can make a difference for families like mine.

Bianca Martinez
MEDA Volunteer and future Mission Techie

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