Foreclosure Intervention & Default Coaching


  • Understand your options
  • Apply for grants
  • Know your rights
  • Deal with your bank
  • Strengthen your personal finances


Our free services is an essential first step for any homeowner facing imminent default or foreclosure proceedings. This is your chance to get educated on available foreclosure alternatives provided by the CA Mortgage Relief. program and other resolutions that may be negotiated directly with the loan servicers. MEDA elaborates on the typical foreclosure process and timeline in California.

MEDA can help foreclosure clients who meet the below guidelines:
  1. The homeowner’s property must be located in the City and County of San Francisco.
  2. The client must live in the property that needs assistance services. We cannot service investment properties.
  3. The client is willing to be a fully invested, active participant throughout the entire process.

MEDA embraces the importance of financial capability as a mechanism to preserve homes or transition out of homeownership with dignity and renewed financial capability.

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If you are interested in foreclosure intervention and default coaching, please contact us: (415) 282-3334 ext. 126;