Mission & Vision

Mission Statement

Rooted in San Francisco’s Mission District, MEDA is advancing a national equity movement by building Latino prosperity, community ownership and civic power.

Vision Statement

We envision generations of Latino families choosing where to call home, thriving economically, succeeding in learning opportunities, and leading policy and social change toward a more equitable society.

Core Values

In working to achieve our mission, MEDA has identified several core values that we strive to reflect in all of our activities.

Our core values are:

  • Equity
    We create programs and change policies to expand opportunities for Latinos and other historically underserved communities, to ensure justice is never limited by race/ethnicity, class, gender identity, age, sexual orientation, religion, immigration status, country of origin and disability status.
  • Activation
    Our work is grounded in the experience and expertise of our community members, mobilizing local leaders to reverse displacement and promote local ownership of neighborhood establishments, cultural institutions, business capital, and homes. 
  • Audacity
    We are risk-takers who lead with courage, put forth new solutions to our community’s challenges and continuously adapt to changing circumstances.
  • Togetherness
    In solidarity with fellow organizations committed to advancing equity, the MEDA team creates partnerships locally, regionally, statewide and nationally, sharing our model and building coalitions in a movement toward social justice.
  • Impact
    Our goal is to eradicate our community’s problems, not only to help our clients develop coping strategies. In order to create this lasting change, we continuously monitor the impact of our services as well as use data to drive program improvements and inform our policy agenda.

Our Results

In working to achieve our mission, MEDA has identified six Results that we strive to achieve in all of our activities.

Our six Results are:

Result 1: Families are financially thriving
Result 2: Families have affordable and stable housing
Result 3: Children and youth succeed in school
Result 4:The Mission is a strong and supportive community for Latino residents, businesses and institutions
Result 5:
San Francisco’s Latino residents are decision-makers in the institutions and political systems that affect their lives
Result 6: Nationwide, organizations rooted in historically underserved communities are equipped to ensure that families, workers and small businesses thrive