Business Development

MEDA can help you

  • Prepare a business plan
  • Start and expand your business, plus commercial lease negotiation
  • Prepare a marketing plan to attract and retain customers
  • Apply for a low-interest, small-business loan (Community Loan Fund at MEDA)
  • Use technology to improve your business
  • Learn marketing and social media skills
  • Strengthen your personal finances for successful business ownership


This free program has provided technical assistance to San Francisco businesses for many years, all to create jobs and income for low- and moderate-income residents of the city. The program provides a comprehensive array of services that ensure clients develop the core competencies necessary to start, manage and expand a business. Services are offered through English and Spanish language workshops and one-on-one consultations. 

Prepare a business plan

MEDA provides services related to assisting you to improve your business. This may include addressing operations, marketing, expansion, financing or budgeting. This type of service may culminate in MEDA assisting you in completing a written business plan that could be submitted to a third party (i.e., lender or landlord). It is important that you generate your own business plan, with guidance from a Business Consultant, so that the plan acts as an effective foundation for the success of your business.

Start and expand your business, plus commercial lease negotiation

MEDA provides services to assist you to launch your business. Services include assistance in submitting the paperwork for the appropriate permits and licenses with the city and/or the appropriate city department. If you already have a business and want to expand—for example, introducing new products or moving to a bigger location — MEDA can help you to plan your expansion. We can provide you information and advice on issues related to your business location. This may include educating the client on the pros and cons of having a lease, providing advice in negotiating or renewing a lease and guidance in the case of eviction or dispute with a landlord.

Prepare a marketing plan to attract and retain customers

MEDA provides services to assist you to market your products or services.  This may include identifying your market, targeting customers and strategizing on the optimum ways to reach your customers.  When market research is required, the Business Consultant guides and supports you in doing this research.

Apply for a Fondo Adelante Small-Business Loan

MEDA can provide assistance in obtaining low-interest rate loans to start or expand your business. This may include explaining what is required of a loan, exploring possible loan resources and advising how the loan process works. A business consultant explains potential sources of funding for a business, what loan programs might be a good match for your situation and what the likelihood of loan approval is in your case.

Use technology to improve your business

Through the Plaza Adelante Tech Center (PATC), MEDA offers topical technology trainings aimed to increase access to the use of technology and social media to bring more customers to your business (i.e., Yelp, Facebook, Twitter). Trainings include basic digital literacy, Web design, online marketing, Excel and QuickBooks for basic accounting.

Strengthen your personal finances for successful business ownership

With a primary focus on improving credit scores, raising income, increasing saving and reducing debt, MEDA’s Financial Capability is based on an individual or family’s long-term financial goals, as well as their short-term financial needs. Our comprehensive program is always coupled with action planning and next steps. MEDA’s expert coaches work with clients to achieve outcomes and progress at three, six, nine and 12 months.

Shop at El Mercadito

Did you know that the shops located in MEDA’s Plaza Adelante are all Business Development clients? Please support these small businesses in their new ventures. Full list of shops and what they sell.

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