El Mercadito

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El Mercadito:
Plaza Adelante
2301 Mission Street (@ 19th)

El Mercadito serves as a microbusiness “incubator” for MEDA clients who went through our Business Development program. Some clients were involved in other free MEDA programs, too.

Their dreams now a reality, these small-business owners showcase a variety of offerings.

Please support these budding entrepreneurs. Buy local. 

Plaza Adelante El Mercadito Shops

I Make Medicare Easy for You (Suite 103B)
Astrid Acero Lopez
Obtain clear answers about Medicare benefits

El Paisa Travel (Suite 103D)
Owner: Adolfo Carranza
Offers: Travel arrangements

Hella Novella (Suite 103E)
Owner: Sketch Smith
Offers: Comic books

Sasa Eyebrows Treading (Suite 104)
Owner: Aenis Rijal
Offers: Eyebrows

Inca Juices (Suite 100-A)
Owner: Dora Paredes
Offers: Natural and fresh juices

Ceviche 19 (Suite 100-B)
Owner: Julio Vidal
Offers: Ceviches and other Peruvian dishes

El Corazón Café (Suite 100-C)
Owner: Jesús Witzil and Luis García Martínez
Offers: Baked goods and Mexican treats. 

Yessenia’s Boutique (Suite 103-C)
Owner: Cilvia Oyuela and Yohana Padilla
Offers: Unisex clothing

Bay Area Revives (Suite 103-A)
Owner: César Ávila (learn more)
Offers: Thrift store, vintage clothing