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A Legacy of Strength: Three Immigration Stories, One Common Goal

MEDA often hears from our stakeholders and funders how impressed they are that the organization takes risks. Yet MEDA’s risk-taking pales in comparison to the risks and sacrifices taken by the majority of the 7,400 clients we annually serve, many of whom had to cross borders to support their families.  A number of MEDA staff…

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Travesty at the Border: Federal Administration Separating Migrant Families

(Español sigue. Traducción por Azul Cortez.) Confined conditions for nearly 1,500. Allowed outside for just two hours per day. Just two phone calls a week. No, this isn’t a federal penitentiary. It’s a detention center in Brownsville, Texas with the innocuous-sounding name of Casa Padres, especially ironic as Father’s Day approaches. This converted Walmart mega-store…

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MEDA Strongly Denounces Proposed Ballot Measure to Restrict San Francisco Sanctuary City Policy

At a time when some lawmakers in D.C. have more-than-ever before endeavored to make “San Francisco values” a pejorative term, it is imperative that our City leaders stand strong for the values the vast majority of its residents espouse. That is why it counters public opinion when a candidate running for mayor tries to turn…

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