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Fingersnaps Media Arts’ DJ Lamont Gets in His Groove with New Commercial Space in MEDA Small Sites Program Property

“My mom was a fanatic about music. My childhood home was filled with the sounds of everything from Motown to Crystal Gayle to disco. I just listened and took it all in like a sponge.” So explains Lamont Bransford-Young (photo, center) of his love of all things music, as evidenced by his shelves teeming with…

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Travesty at the Border: Federal Administration Separating Migrant Families

(Español sigue. Traducción por Azul Cortez.) Confined conditions for nearly 1,500. Allowed outside for just two hours per day. Just two phone calls a week. No, this isn’t a federal penitentiary. It’s a detention center in Brownsville, Texas with the innocuous-sounding name of Casa Padres, especially ironic as Father’s Day approaches. This converted Walmart mega-store…

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