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“Get Connected!” Event Imparts a Bit of Tech Knowledge to Jamestown Community Center Students

Jamestown Community Center opened its doors way back in 1971, as a welcomed addition to the Mission neighborhood. The community-based organization annually serves over 1,000 youth and their families with a full array of high-quality programs – all free of charge. There are 522 Mission students participating in Jamestown’s programs this summer. With a month…

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Tech for All: “Get Connected!” Event in the Mission

Monica stopped by so that her youngster could take a digital storytelling workshop. Jorge wanted to learn how to look for work online. Middle-schooler Jasmine wanted to create her first mobile app. These were just three of the many Mission District residents that came to Everett Middle School last night for the seventh “Get Connected!” event. This jam-packed…

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“Get Connected!” Helps Mission Families Learn Another Language as Part of Worldwide “Hour of Code” Challenge

When devised its first “Hour of Code” grassroots campaign a year ago, they never could have imagined the impact: in a mere two weeks, over 20 million people participated and over 600-million lines of code had been written. That led to another challenge this December for the week of the 8th to the14th, part…

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