13 MEDA Young Adult Clients Now Dressed to the Nines Thanks to State of G Donation

State of G-Facebook 121715Job training completed? Check. Resume refined? Check. Mock interviews done? Check.

You would think with all of the above items accomplished, you’re ready to ace that interview. Well, not so fast.

Most assume that putting on your best outfit–the final step of getting ready for an interview–is as simple as pressing an expensive blouse or dusting off that high-end suit. Unfortunately, for those from low-income communities, their closets often lack such needed interview attire. This is especially true of young adults.

That’s where State of G has generously come to the rescue with a recent donation of 13 trendy interview outfits for MEDA Young Adult program clients (three pictured above).

When Andy Choi founded State of G, he had pledged to give back to the community, but he wasn’t looking to just make some random donation or drop off clothes into a bin somewhere. Choi was looking for a cause that truly needed such a donation, as he sought maximum impact.

Explains Choi, “We chose MEDA as the organization to make our first donation to because we value the impact being made in young lives. I was super excited to have connected with MEDA, knowing that our donation is going to have the impact for which we hoped. State of G is committed to this being an ongoing donation of interview clothes, so that even more young adults can be helped.”

These aren’t just any outfits—this is classic, contemporary apparel for men and women. This company showcases a three-pronged philosophy of design, function and value … and it shows. By eliminating the middleman, State of G offers great prices for quality, long-lasting clothes that are a welcome addition to anyone’s wardrobe.

The thousands of dollars of items donated ran the gamut from sky-blue Oxford shirts to charcoal gray blazers. Mission Techies and Bilingual Bank Teller clients’ faces lit up as they tried on their new outfits. All knew that they now had the final piece in place for a successful interview. This mirrors State of G’s slogan of “style restated,” meaning that style is a reflection of the person inside–their character, personality and confidence.

“This outfit symbolizes confidence in your work abilities … and yourself,” zealously exclaimed Mission Techie Nelson Quezada of his new attire.

MEDA Technology Training Coordinator Leo Sosa oversees the Mission Techies program, which puts young adults on the path to an IT career. Sosa explained the need for such donations as follows: “Ensuring that youth from underresourced communities are offered the same opportunities as others is what we do at MEDA. This State of G donation is an important part of making success a reality for our Young Adult program clients. We are all truly grateful for this company’s generosity.”

Everyone at MEDA will be excitedly awaiting the outcomes of the upcoming job interviews for these Young Adult program graduates, who will be heading to varied Bay Area tech companies and banks to show off their newfound skill sets.

Now they definitely look the part, thanks to State of G.

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