Why I Give Wednesday: MEDA Workforce and Tax Specialist Ernesto Martinez

1934-12092015_DEV-Why I Give Wednesday Images-Ernesto Martinez_blog_v1To celebrate this season of giving and thankfulness, every Wednesday we will showcase staff, Board members, volunteers and clients telling what this Mission District, San Francisco nonprofit brings to their lives.

I started off looking for an economic-development nonprofit when I graduated from San Francisco State last December. I searched for the best and most-effective agency that was helping the community the most. What I found was MEDA.

“MEDA seemed to be taking part in every crucial field of economic development in the Bay Area. As a Latino coming from an immigrant single mother, I knew just how much the community which MEDA serves struggles every day and how impactful our work is. I knew that it was work of which I wanted to be a part.

“That’s when I emailed MEDA and asked to be a volunteer for the Workforce Development program. I volunteered for a few months until a position opened up and I was fortunate enough to be hired. It’s been almost a year now since I started volunteering with MEDA, where I now work as a workforce and tax specialist.

“I am still just as passionate and excited for the work we do. I’ve been fortunate enough to be able to see many aspects of the services which MEDA provides, from reaching out to Mission Promise Neighborhood schools to giving classes for the Business Development program to applying for ITINs for our undocumented clients. Throughout all of this, I have seen firsthand just how much MEDA positively impacts the Mission and beyond. I consider it an honor and pleasure to do the work that I am doing with the great staff and clients that I get to do it with. I look forward to coming into Plaza Adelente every day.”

Ernesto Martinez
MEDA Workforce and Tax Specialist

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