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The Ecosystem to Cultivate Latino Generational Wealth and Power Building

Co-authored by: Director of Asset Building Programs Lucy Arellano Integrated Services Manager Ernesto Martinez Business Development Program Manager Edwin Rodriguez Associate Director of Community Real Estate Johnny Oliver Community Real Estate Project Assistant Juan Diego Castro With hundreds traveling from across the country to convene in San Antonio for the National Association of Latino Community…

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MEDA Expanding Viva Integrated Financial Coaching Model Across California to Increase Access and Equity for Latinos, Supported by JPMorgan Chase & Co. Grant

For 45 years, MEDA has worked to break down and overcome the systemic barriers faced by the low-income, immigrant Latino community endeavoring to build generational assets. This is especially important in this time of federal political vitriol being an affront to our community, other low-income communities and other communities of color. There is an urgent…

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MEDA Sharing its Financial Coaching Model in California’s Central Valley

One of the many highlights of a recent MEDA Financial Capability training was lunch at a neighborhood eatery. This “shop within a shop” featured only one item on its menu: Mexican mole prepared daily by the owner herself, just like she used to do in her home state of Oaxaca. This is the way many…

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