What is in YOUR Next Chapter? Find out by Joining MEDA’s VITA Tax Team in 2020!

by MEDA’s Marcail Distante

In addition to catching yourself scratching out “19” on different forms, papers and documents, 2020 comes with a new chapter in your book of life. Now is the ideal time to think about what unknown stories, learnings and networks lie ahead of you with each available opportunity. That’s why you should consider volunteering to prepare taxes with MEDA to see what narrative lies ahead for you

Tax season is just around the corner, and it is with a full heart that we reminisce about different experiences MEDA’s tax volunteers have shared these past few months. Volunteering is a powerful experience that can lead to personal and professional growth. According to our volunteers, the experience paves the way for resume building and job experience, grounds you in moments of uncertainty, serves as a structure to help you be more efficient, and offers you fulfillment, connection and community.

Here are a few of our favorite quotes from MEDA’s VITA tax volunteers:

“When you have a client who is getting $100 to $3,000 back, that often means one or two months’ rent, toys for their kids or food for their families. You see that excitement and take the time to explain how the tax system works, and you understand that this is going to make a big difference.”
David DyTang, VITA Tax Preparer & Senior Strategy Manager II, Product Strategy

It’s not just about doing taxes — it’s about making sure folks have a safe space that they can go back to so that they feel secure every time they come to MEDA.”
Rick Adams, VITA Advanced Tax Preparer & Retired Consultant

“When people ask questions and start understanding how the tax system works, it’s very rewarding. You realize it’s not just understanding a tax refund, it’s hopefully going to carry forward in one way or another to help them in the future to understand how withholding works, why they get refunds, why they owe and how to read pay stubs.”
Sander Bruens, VITA Tax Preparer & Senior Software Engineer

“I was talking to a client who works at a local eatery, which is a restaurant I absolutely love. He told me that there was this new pastry that came out, and that I should definitely go try it! It was just really cool because you get to connect with people that you normally don’t get an opportunity to, and that’s what I loved about being a greeter. It’s an experience I won’t forget.”
Nicte-Ha Chacon, VITA Tax Greeter & Full Time Student

“There is a really good rapport among volunteers and coordinators, and there’s a sense of teamwork. You could always tell that we were working together to help the clients and help each other make sure the process is as smooth as possible.”
Teresa Beatty, VITA Tax Preparer & Student, Artist and Bartender

 “It all comes back to staff and volunteers being really open-minded and eager to share and grow. It’s a really great team environment in which to learn. You often hear about taxes, but there’s nothing like getting involved in the real thing!”
Jimmy Ng, VITA Tax Preparer and Non-Profit Project Manager

“We should never forget our roots and remember that maintaining community and unity is most important. As a volunteer, I feel happy to be able to help clients receive a reimbursement that will help them find success in buying a house, fixing something or complete whatever project they have in mind.”
Jose Vazquez, VITA Tax Greeter and Preparer & Student, Employee


STEP 1: Believe in yourself.
STEP 2: Take a chance and reach out to Marcail Distante: mdistante@medasf.org; (415) 282-3334 ext. 132


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