MEDA's Mission & Vision Stronger Than Ever After 42 Years

Mission & Vision BlogThe Mission Economic Development Agency (MEDA) has been providing asset-building services since the early 1970’s. From business development and financial capability to the Mission Promise Neighborhood and free tax preparation, the mission of MEDA runs through every program, as we continue to provide free services in San Francisco.

The mission of MEDA is to achieve economic justice for San Francisco’s low- and moderate-income Latino families through asset development. Asset Development is the process of encouraging and supporting individuals and families to develop, accumulate and manage personal, social and material (especially financial) assets.

With the past and present life of the Mission District as MEDA’s inspiration, in the long term we envision generations of Latino families that remain part of vibrant, diverse, proud and forward-thinking communities, where residents own homes and businesses and are actively engaged in the civic life of their neighborhoods and the institutions that affect their lives. MEDA is committed to ensuring that these families maintain sufficient assets to provide them and future generations with the opportunity to call San Francisco their permanent home.

Core Values
In working to achieve our mission, MEDA has identified several core values that we strive to reflect in all of our activities.

  • Equity and fairness. We value equity and fairness in how we work together, in our relations with our constituencies and in the society we seek to help create.
  • Relevance. We value work that addresses the actual needs of our constituencies, ensuring that our services add real value and are provided in a culturally and linguistically appropriate manner.
  • A healthy workplace. We value sound working conditions for our staff, Board and others who participate in our place of work. We strive to make sure that their experience is positive, fair, sustainable and fulfilling.
  • Leadership. We value leadership, the quality of influencing others—through beliefs, ethics, character, vision, commitment, knowledge, wisdom, skills, innovations and initiative—to help achieve economic justice for our constituencies. Leadership can be exercised by everyone, regardless of their position and authority. MEDA seeks to foster leadership within our constituencies. We also aim to foster leadership among our staff, Board and supporters, and to exercise leadership in the communities in which we work.
  • Mission District. We value the Mission District. The Mission has been our home and base of operations for many years. Its people, geography, social climate and political dynamics have strongly shaped who we are and what we do. While our focus is now broader, we actively recognize the importance of the Mission.

MEDA looks forward to decades more of serving our constituents. Stop by Plaza Adelante, the Mission neighborhood center, to see all of the ways we can help you family succeed … all at no cost.

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