MEDA Voter Recommendations for the November 2015 General Election

Vote Pins-BlogBelow are the propositions on which MEDA has taken a position, aligning with the organization’s mission.

(Click here for a bilingual .pdf of the below information.)

Yes on A

Affordable-Housing Bond.

$310 million to keep San Francisco affordable, with part of the money earmarked to the Mission.

Yes on D

Mission Rock.

The San Francisco Giants’ development will include 40 percent affordable units for low-, moderate- and middle-income San Franciscans.

Yes on F

Short-Term Rentals.

Preserve our existing rent-controlled housing stock by keeping it from being converted to hotel uses.

Pause for a Plan for the Mission.

An 18-month pause on luxury-rate developments in the Mission, during which time the City would work with the community to develop a Neighborhood Stabilization Plan by January 31, 2017.

Yes on J

Legacy Business Historic Preservation Fund.

Preserve longtime, community-serving neighborhood businesses, art groups and nonprofits.

Yes on K

Surplus Public Lands.

Use surplus public lands to house San Franciscans, from the most vulnerable homeless families to moderate-income residents.

No on C


Lobbyists should be regulated, but nonprofits/unions should not be lumped with corporate fronts.

No on E

Public meetings.

Public meetings should be open and accessible, but not turned over to Internet spammers and corporate lobbyists.

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