MEDA Starts "Welcome Orientation and Financial Capability Workshop"

AB-Welcome Orientations-Blog 102315Interview with: MEDA Director of Asset Building Programs Lucy Arellano

Can you tell us the exciting news regarding MEDA’s programs?
The new process is that all clients will now have the same entry point at MEDA. That entry point will be a required Welcome Orientation and Financial Capability Workshop. At this Welcome Orientation, clients will enroll into services; be given an overview of all the services available at MEDA, from Workforce Development and Free Tax Preparation to Business Development and Housing Opportunities; and receive the core Financial Capability workshop. The only exception is our First-Time Homebuyers workshops, which will not require this general orientation.

Why is financial capability part of MEDA’s new Welcome Orientation?
MEDA always includes Financial Capability as part every program, so this will become a critical piece of the Welcome Orientation. We will talk about credit scores and budgets—all things money. Without having your finances in order, our families will not be stable. Since two-thirds of our clients are immigrants, they need to learn the rules of money in this country—as do people born in the United States. Plus, clients will now begin receiving our valuable Financial Capability service from Day 1. We know families are busy, and this blends two visits into one to save our families time and to help them start making progress sooner!

When will the Welcome Orientations take place?
Every Monday morning, from 10am-12pm, there will be an orientation in English, in Room 203, but bilingual Spanish speakers are welcome. On Monday nights, from 6pm-8pm, we will host an orientation in Spanish, in Room 304. Then every Wednesday morning, from 10am-12pm, there will be an orientation in Spanish, in Room 203, which is our Digital Opportunity Center. The only exception is if the noted date falls on a holiday.

Why will there be a short survey at the end of the Welcome Orientation?
This simple, one-page survey will be available in English and Spanish, and will ask general questions of our new clients, such as “I now know the importance of my credit score.” That way we know the subject matter was learned by the client.

What happens after the Welcome Orientation?
Once clients have been welcomed to MEDA and know our services, they can get one-on-coaching and choose from any of our additional free workshops, just as before. Our coaching offers personalized attention to each client’s needs.

When does this all start?
Monday, November 2nd, is the start date. The MEDA staff is very excited. I know our clients will be, too!



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