MEDA Denounces Vicious Attack on Paul Pelosi

The horrific attack of 82-year-old Paul Pelosi in San Francisco last Friday morning showcases how vitriol and divisiveness all too often lead to violence. Let’s be clear: The intended attack was on Speaker Pelosi and her leadership. 

To have a family member of one of our national elected leaders be viciously assaulted in their home is an act that must be fully condemned by all who believe in our democracy. Such denunciation must cross all lines – party, racial, gender — all lines.

We applaud that Speaker Pelosi has served her District and the nation so well for more than three decades. That is why we recently recognized the Speaker for her leadership. Her consistent policies to strengthen working-class families, historically marginalized communities and small businesses should be celebrated, not demonized. The rhetoric must stop. The violence must stop. If you do not support an elected official’s platform, then use your constitutional, nonviolent right to cast your vote for someone else at the ballot box.

We wish Paul Pelosi a full and speedy recovery, and our thoughts are with Speaker Pelosi, plus her extended family, during this trying time.

Luis Granados
Chief Executive Officer

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