MEDA Announces Release of Its Annual Report 2015

Printfrom Executive Director Luis Granados

Last year was a game-changer at MEDA. While our asset-building services empowered nearly 7,000 low- to moderate-income clients — the most in our 42-year history — our organization ventured into new territory. MEDA is barely recognizable as the organization it was just a few years ago: our nonprofit is now an affordable housing developer, directly advocates for the needs of our constituents and is building community capital via our Adelante Fund.

“Why the change? It’s simple. MEDA had to change.

“Every day we hear stories of need, and that need is urgent. Our immigrant families, longtime businesses and community-based organizations are being forced out of their neighborhood of choice, with 8,000 Latinos displaced from the Mission in the past decade.

“It’s time for the community to take action — and MEDA is uniquely positioned to lead in doing so.

“We know the neighborhood. We must reverse the current trends on displacement, jobs and education in our community. We are a backbone organization ready to play a positive role in broader community initiatives. Our vision is that the Mission continues supporting longtime residents and remains welcoming to newcomers.

“I am humbled by our great responsibility to the community we love and serve.

“MEDA knows that everyone needs to be part of this work. While one of MEDA’s core values is to be impact-driven, being collaborative is equally as important.

“So, as you flip through the pages of our Annual Report 2015, I hope you’ll think of how you can join us in our work, whether via volunteerism, support of our advocacy or funding.

“Let’s make 2016 a year of even greater impact in the Mission … together!”

Read client success stories and more in MEDA’s online Annual Report 2015.

Donate today so other MEDA clients can succeed.

Volunteer and gain a community.


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