MEDA Announces Release of its 2022 Impact Report

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MEDA Announces Release of its 2022 Impact Report
Showcases successful work meeting the Latino and immigrant community’s short-term and long-term needs

SAN FRANCISCO, August 04, 2023 — The Mission Economic Development Agency (MEDA) has announced the release of its 2022 Impact Report. This 20-page report tells of the organization’s return to its foundational work of generational asset building, while also detailing the pandemic relief that provided succor for the San Francisco community hardest hit by the virus. The data-driven narrative weaves in client stories to bring the nonprofit’s work to life.
The 2022 Impact Report spotlights each of MEDA’s programs of work as our community and staff are recalibrating and rebuilding after the global COVID-19 pandemic, as well as our dedication to diversity, equity and inclusion as a Latino-led and Latino- and minority-serving organization.

MEDA’s annual theme of “Mission Roots, National Legacy” is showcased throughout the report. This theme illustrates MEDA’s 50 years of grassroots work serving latinos in San Francisco’s Mission District, and the national impact of equity and prosperity that work brings, and will continue to bring for decades to come.

“I am proud to announce Mission Roots, National Legacy as our theme for 2023. It’s been my privilege to serve as MEDA’s leader for 25 of the non-profit’s 50 years. Since 1973 MEDA has been rooted in the Mission District serving immigrant, working-class families, residents, and small business owners to help transform their lives and create a legacy of prosperity,” said MEDA CEO Luis Granados.

The 2022 Impact Report is punctuated by data that showcases MEDA’s impact last year. Some highlights include:

  • Almost 17,000 community members engaged by our services, community outreach, tenancy and diverse programs, and 89,493 people impacted through our direct outreach and advocacy work;
  • $7.9 M in tax refunds to the low-income community – a record total;
  • 600 positive financial outcomes;
  • 400 small business served with 391 active loans with $786,100 disbursed, via MEDA’s Fondo Adelante CDFI, as 0%-interest emergency small business loans; and
  • 1,043 referrals for families to access services for economic stability and academic supports in 2022 through Mission Promise Neighborhood;

At the end of 2022, MEDA had an annual budget that had grown exponentially, to $26.5M. The organization had a staff of approximately 100.
These numbers are all humbling reminders of the ongoing demand for justice that everyone deserves, both in our local community and around the nation.

These are our ‘Mission Roots’ building our ‘National Legacy.’

Adelante. You can read MEDA’s 2022 Impact Report here.


About Mission Economic Development Agency (MEDA)

Rooted in San Francisco’s Mission District, MEDA is advancing a national equity movement by building Latino prosperity, community ownership and civic power. We envision generations of Latino families choosing where to call home, thriving economically, succeeding in learning opportunities, and leading policy and social change toward a more equitable society.

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