What Drives MEDA's Work?

MEDA’s mission and vision statements define what drive our work each day for low-income, immigrant Latinos in San Francisco’s Mission community and beyond. This work has shown impact since 1973, our nonprofit evolving from providing free long-term asset-building programs to later adding in everything from policy and advocacy to affordable-housing development to a small-business loan fund.

Following are the mission, vision and core values on which MEDA stands.

Our Mission
Rooted in the Mission and focused on San Francisco, MEDA’s mission is to strengthen low- and moderate-income Latino families by promoting economic equity and social justice through asset building and community development.

Our Vision
We envision generations of Latino families with sufficient assets to thrive. Inspired by the past and present life of the Mission District, families are rooted in vibrant, diverse and forward-thinking communities, have opportunities to grow, and are actively engaged in the civic and political life of their neighborhoods and the institutions that affect their lives.

Our Core Values
In working to achieve our mission, MEDA has identified several core values that we strive to reflect in all of our activities.

Our core values are:

  • Community-Focused
    We do work that addresses the actual needs of our community. We ensure that our services add real value
 and are provided in a culturally and linguistically appropriate manner.
  • Collaborative
    We do work in partnership with others for greater impact. We understand that our community has multiple needs and harness the collective expertise of staff, community groups, clients and other stakeholders to address those needs holistically.
  • Adaptive Leadership
    We operate and succeed in situations where there are no answers, set procedures or adequate strategies that have been developed. Given the circumstances, we organize our volunteers, staff, board and partners to work together, problem solve and find new solutions that will succeed.
  • Impact-Driven
    We embrace a data-driven culture and measure and communicate our impact. Our results-driven approach builds stronger relationships with the community and other stakeholders and leads to greater change in the community we serve. We assess the needs of the community and evaluate the effectiveness of our services to remain relevant and impactful.
  • Fairness and Equity
    We value equity and fairness in how we work together, in our relations with our community and in the society we aim to help create. Our efforts toward fairness and equity empower our community to thrive.

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