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MEDA’s Community Real Estate (CRE) program was launched in summer 2014 as an urgent response to stem the displacement happening to low-income and working-class families in the Mission District. A detailed report showcasing the issue.

As the chart below indicates, those making under $75K household income can no longer afford housing in the Mission.


MEDA’s CRE team will be pushing forward the Mission Action Plan 2020 (MAP 2020).

(Read front-page story in San Francisco Chronicle and blogs on our work.)

Community Real Estate creates sustainable community assets through real estate solutions.

MEDA’s CRE program develops real estate from site identification to asset management, with the Mission District in San Francisco as our primary geography. Preserving and producing real estate is our means to stabilizing and strengthening our community. In the development and asset management process, this program:

  • Establishes the vision for the Mission District.
  • Incorporates green and financially sustainable elements of long-term operations.
  • Integrates asset building programs into its properties to ensure pathways to family economic success.

”MEDA is often on the front lines of the neighborhood’s development battles.”
San Francisco Business Times


By 2020, our goal is to develop 2,000 apartments and 200,000 square feet of commercial space that are at risk of losing affordability by that time. This includes preserving 400 apartments of large, multi-family buildings, preserving 320 apartments of existing Small Sites and Single Resident Occupancy (SRO) hotels, and producing 300 new apartments, as well as retail space through commercial hubs or mixed-use buildings.

To make the above a reality, MEDA expanded its Commercial Real Estate portfolio and strengthened existing development by:

  • Refinancing Plaza Adelante as a model commercial nonprofit hub, thereby securing our long-term sustainability in the Mission.
  • Launching a Small Sites program to own and manage 40 units.
  • Being selected to develop two public sites in the Mission, with up to 200 units combined.
  • Beginning the transition of 400 units of Rental Assistance Demonstration (RAD) from the San Francisco Housing Authority, with all to be under MEDA management by 2016.

Current plan

  • Expand pipeline for homes that address the displacement crisis and neighborhood loss by 100 to 150 units and 2,000 square feet via Small Sites properties, SRO hotels and nonprofit spaces.
  • Integrate MEDA’s financial asset-building resources into residential buildings, based on MPN’s family success coach model.
  • Build infrastructures and increase staff for our CRE team. Grow asset management capacity with staff and organization with 2015 acquisition of 250 public housing apartments and small properties. Develop concept paper for MEDA’s expansion into property management and residential services.
  • Expand CRE into community education, planning and advocacy. Establish a framework and first-year implementation for MAP2020, a groundbreaking collaboration with the City of San Francisco and the community in a series of strategies for reversing the staggering displacement from 2010 by 2020.


Small Sites
Working with the Mayor’s Office of Housing and Community Development (MOHCD), San Francisco’s Small Sites program enables us to buy and preserve properties to keep longtime tenants in their homes of choice.

Portfolio to date:
380 San Jose (4 units)
642 Guerrero (4 units)
344 Precita (4 units)
3840 Folsom (4 units)
1500 Cortland (4 units)
3329 20th (10 units)
3800 Mission (6 units)
269 Richland (6 units)
63 Lapidge (6 units)
3198 24th (13 units)
2217 Mission (9 units)
1015 Shotwell (10 units)
1411 Florida (6 units)
19 Precita (3 units)
35 Fair (4 units)
305 San Carlos (13 units)
3353 26th (11 units)
60 28th (6 units)
2093 Mission (16 units)
65 Woodward (6 units)
654 Capp (6 units)

”You saved our home. We are eternally grateful. Thank you, MEDA!” 
Gigi Amos, Small Sites Program resident

Rental Assistance Demonstration (RAD)
The RAD federal program, via HUD, enables us to preserve and manage San Francisco Public Housing complexes that have deferred maintenance issues.

Portfolio to date:
462 Duboce (42 units)
25 Sanchez (90 units)
1855 15th/Mission Dolores (91 units)
3850 18th (107 units)
255 Woodside (109 units)

”I feel blessed to be in my building. I am glad that MEDA is part of the RAD program!” 
John Britt, RAD program 

Affordable Housing: New Construction
We join with trusted community partners to leverage their expertise and produce affordable housing developments in the Mission.

Portfolio to date:
1296 Shotwell senior affordable-housing development (94 units; estimated Q2 2020 move-in date)
2060 Folsom affordable-housing development (127 units; estimated Q3 2020 move-in date)
1990 Folsom affordable-housing development (143 units; estimated Q1 2021 move-in date)
681 Florida (was 2070 Bryant) affordable-housing development (130 units; estimated Q2 2021 move-in date)
2205 Mission affordable-housing development (48 units; estimated Q2 2022 move-in date; below-market-rate condos to be built on top of existing structure)

”We need low-income housing for older people like me.” 
Mission senior Clara Luz Quezada, 1296 Shotwell new construction 

Commercial Space
We strive to preserve affordable commercial space to keep community-serving legacy businesses, arts organizations and nonprofits in place with our small-business strategies and advocacy work, plus produce new space for budding entrepreneurs.

Mission Action Plan 2020 (MAP 2020)
Working with valued community members and partner organizations, a comprehensive action plan for neighborhood sustainability through housing and job strategies for Mission residents, at each income level, has been developed for 2020 and beyond.


MEDA Community Real Estate Property Timeline

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Community Crisis Reactive

  • 1973: MEDA starts providing free asset-building services in the Mission District of San Francisco
  • December 2012: MEDA, as lead agency, wins MPN grant
  • Fall 2013: Our Mission No Eviction/Plaza 16 Coalition – participated in marches and protests & MEDA helps to form Plaza 16 Coalition
  • February 2014: MEDA awarded 400 RAD properties to launch CRE portfolio
  • March 2014: Housing town halls spearhead development of housing-stability plan
  • Late 2014 to Early 2015: Mission Promise Neighborhood housing report outlines trend lines in the Mission and what we need to achieve to stem the displacement

Community Crisis Proactive

  • August 2015: MEDA awarded the right to co-develop 2060 Folsom
  • November 2015: MEDA awarded the right to co-develop 1296 Shotwell (senior affordable housing)
  • December 2015: MEDA/MPN provided asset-building services to 6,800 clients in 2015
  • 2016: MEDA to start integration of financial asset-building services to residents
  • 2020: Goal to make MAP 2020 a reality

If you have questions about Community Real Estate or want to inquire if your building could be purchased under San Francisco’s Small Sites program, please contact us: (415) 282-3334 ext. 101;