In Her Own Words: MEDA Intern Breeana Fairley

In Her Own Words: MEDA Intern Breeana Fairley

“Not all superheroes wear capes. My superheroes tend to be those who not only dream, but set a plan to execute their goals, creating a fulfilling reality. I come from an African American and Latino background where we, as a community, are faced with adversity, but are compelled to find internal and external tools to accept and overcome our disposition of hardship. MEDA, which is located in the Mission, creates a sense of inclusion through the motivational platform created for their neighbors. The efficacy of this agency stems from the passionate leaders and staff at MEDA who strive for social justice and project with a sense of purpose. Here, we break social-cultural barriers through our successes by using asset-based tools provided by MEDA. These tools stem from integrity, dignity, pride and culture.

“In the Mission, the preservation of the Latino culture is demonstrated through the private and family-owned establishments, encouragement of expression through art and creativity through rentable studios, galleries and performance areas … and let’s not forget about the food! There are many Latino restaurants promoting the preservation of this culture as well. For visitors, like myself, the Mission creates an experience that feels as welcoming as a homecooked meal when returning home from college. The promotion and preservation of this culture also extends the invitation to other cultures. The pride taken in this community aids the embodiment of unity that has been well overlooked.

“As an intern at MEDA, I have taken pride in my work as I contributed to a greater outcome to this specific community. I am a minority, SoCal native and San Francisco State University alumna. Growing up, I hadn’t thought of college and I believed that my biggest accomplishment would be my high school graduation, but fast forward several years later and I am still further expanding on my career. MEDA has provided such a positive and objective-driven atmosphere, which has given me all the momentum to take plans of action to succeed. I had the advantage of working with strong, positive and passionate leaders who have implemented an internship program to their growing agency. I have found myself to feel extremely rewarded to know that I am helping to extend services to individuals that are excited for a bright future with success.”

Breeana Fairley
MEDA Intern


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