Applications are currently closed, BUT we will be opening up new opportunities in January 2018. If you want to get on the waiting list, please send me an email. Also, the applications below are representative of the types of internships usually offered. Thank you.

Organizational Goals

The goal of MEDA’s internship program is focused on helping Latin@s in San Francisco explore their future. Our customized internship provides our participants exposure to professional development, career exploration and a new set of skills — all while learning the breadth of MEDA’s various programs. The goal further serves to raise the intern’s awareness of the dynamic challenges faced by our community, as participants become ambassadors for MEDA’s overall mission for the Mission.

Program Learning Outcomes

Internships are designed to expand the depth of academic learning for you in your particular areas of study. This is an ideal opportunity for you to receive experience in applying theories learned in the classroom to specific experiences in the community and workplace. An internship can also heighten your awareness of community issues, motivate you to create opportunities and embrace new ideas, and give direction to positive change. A successful internship offers valuable information in making decisions about the direction of future studies or employment.

By the end of the internship, our hope is that the you will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate leadership skills and gain confidence entering the workplace.
  2. Demonstrate the fundamental behaviors of cultural competency.
  3. Evaluate your fit within a career field and understand career pathways.
  4. Describe your knowledge about working in a mission-driven, high-performing environment.
  5. Create a network of peers and professionals to help you in your career path.
  6. Add your internship experience, skills gained and goals accomplished to your resume.

Internship Objectives

Internship objectives are goals established to ensure the intern’s productivity and growth as part of his or her experience within the organization. These objectives are project and training based, aligned with the job description, and/or provide structure to the student and supervisor for the time spent at the internship.

  1. Interns will gain familiarity with office structure and field-specific knowledge through an orientation, job shadows with staff members not on the team, observing all staff meetings and participating in community events.
  2. Interns will be exposed to all facets of a high-performing service-providing organization by adding capacity to a program and participating in weekly assessments, database training and updating, researching, writing blogs, staff socials, mentor lunches and monthly “Lunch and Learn” sessions.
  3. Intern will gain understanding about the culture of the Mission and MEDA’s clients by attending community events, working with clients at the office and on various projects.
  4. Intern will follow professional, safety and confidentiality standards by arriving on time, following the dress code, plus learning about time management, how to work independently and on a team, and customer service standards.
  5. Interns will gain a professional network by participating in a cohort of interns, job shadowing, cross training with at least three other programs, and being paired with a mentor.

Application Criteria

All are welcomed to apply, but we will prioritize based on certain qualifications and criteria as follows.

  • Prioritize people who:
    • Need internship credit
    • Speaks Spanish or want to improve Spanish-language skills
    • Live in San Francisco’s Mission District
  • Preferred criteria:
    • Second to fourth year in college
    • Completion of MEDA Workforce Development program or another vocational program and need professional experience
    • Pass the tech-literacy assessment
  • Criteria can also depend on each program’s needs

Time Commitment

  • Be able to start the week of Sept. 11, 2017.
  • Be able to commit at least 20 hours a week.
  • Be available during office hours: Monday-Friday 9am- 5pm (different shifts available).
  • Be able to commit to either Tuesday 10am-2pm or Wednesday 10am-2pm as a standing meeting day with the rest of the cohort.

INTERNSHIP TYPES (starting again in January 2018)

Business Development Program Support Intern

Share your small business development skills with new entrepreneurs who are in the beginning stages of opening their own business or trying to grow their business. You will work one-on-one with clients and help them strategize about how to build a successful business.
Learn More…

Community Engagement-Housing Intern

Engage prospective and current housing tenants as well as community in understanding affordable housing and becoming an advocate for community development.
Learn More…

Community Real Estate Finance Intern

Develop your financial skills specifically for affordable housing and commercial finance as part of developing the Mission district. As an intern, you will be exposed to operations budgeting, building financial models primarily using Microsoft Excel. You will also see how affordable housing is financially structured to ensure low-income and diverse communities can stay in place. You will mostly work behind a desk and be part of a growing team engaged with our tenants and community.
Learn More…

Development Support Intern

The Development Intern will work on special projects and needs for the Development Department while utilizing and learning new skills in donor cultivation and stewardship, research and communications, as well as data analysis.
Learn More…

Evaluation Support Intern

The Evaluation Intern will work on special projects for the Department, including analyzing data, designing surveys, metrics, and mapping. Projects are developed to meet student learning needs and skill sets, as well as support department objectives.
Learn More…

MPN Support Intern

The Mission Promise Neighborhood links family economic security with student academic achievement. It creates a comprehensive, integrated framework of evidence-based services that responds to urgent needs and builds on the foundation of student, family, community, and school strengths and assets. Together, parents, neighbors and partner organizations work block-by-block, guaranteeing that all Mission children, youth and their families achieve academic excellence and economic self-sufficiency. Intern will help support MPN in the implementation of several projects involving parent education, early literacy and community outreach.
Learn More…

Workforce Development Intern

The Workforce Development Intern scope of responsibilities includes engaging local employers, developing and maintaining an employer Salesforce data based tracking system, analyze the Bay Area workforce market trends, and carrying out various workforce related tasks and projects including the facilitation of an employer mixer.
Learn More…

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