Why I Give Wednesday: MEDA Board Member William Cartagena

1923-12082015_DEV-Why I Give Wednesday Images-William Cartagena_blog_v1To celebrate this season of giving and thankfulness, every Wednesday we will showcase staff, Board members, volunteers and clients telling what this Mission District, San Francisco nonprofit brings to their lives.

I came to MEDA as a client with the free Business Development program. I’m from the Mission, and the business-education resources we have access to here are not what they should compared to other places. It was an educational process.

“What has MEDA done for me and my family? We’ve bridged the gap in less than a decade. I’ve opened up the door for my children and the generations to come by building up my financial stability.

“Serving on the Board for the last two years has really given me a sense of all the struggles MEDA walks through with its clients. MEDA stands by its constituency, even when it is not easy. MEDA’s work can be controversial — for example, MEDA has proven to be a leader in the anti-displacement movement in San Francisco — but they are not afraid to take risks and make themselves vulnerable on behalf of the people they serve. MEDA is accountable, responsive and impactful.

“For those of you who are thinking about giving, use me as your example of what MEDA can do. Think about the resources that were applied to my family and me: my kids are growing up in a stable home and are going to go to a good college that I would otherwise not be able to afford. My parents have access to healthcare, something they’ve never had before. If you want to see the results, just look at the faces of MEDA’s clients. You can’t quantify that kind of success.”

William Cartagena
MEDA Board Member

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