Skill Update: Latino Finds IT Career Path After Attending MEDA's Mission Techies Program

Elmo Urbina.

Improving job prospects in the technology field often requires updating skills and knowledge.

Elmo Urbina, a 51-year-old Latino, understands this well. Recently, he participated in MEDA’s Mission Techies IT, a free course that equips community members with the skills to start or advance careers in the IT support field.

“I worked in customer service for a long time and have always been passionate about technology,” says Elmo, who grew up in the Mission District. “But I lived abroad and didn’t have access to technology-related courses.”

Upon returning to San Francisco, Elmo searched for courses in various places, but many focused on coding. Despite this, his networking efforts paid off when he received information about Mission Techies IT via email.

“Mission Techies IT was everything I hoped for,” says Elmo. “Technology evolves rapidly, and if we don’t keep up, it’s like becoming illiterate in the field. What I know today, I didn’t know six months ago.”

Elmo also appreciates the program’s emphasis on preparing students for the job market. This aspect helped him secure contracts —and job stability—with several Bay Area entities, including Marin Hospital. 

Marcela Trujano, MEDA’s job counselor and coordinator of the Mission Techies IT program, praised Elmo’s determination to advance his career.

“Elmo always wants to improve, and now plans to take the CompTIA A+ course next,” says Trujano. “His dedication and presence in Mission Techies were inspiring to other participants.”

Mission Techies IT is part of MEDA’s Workforce Development programs.For more information, visit MEDA’s Mission Techies page.

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