Press Release: Latinos Fight for Fair Budget Allocations for Community in Crisis

Christopher Gil
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Mission Economic Development Agency
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May 26, 2017

Latinos Fight for Fair Budget Allocations for Community in Crisis
Press Conference: Tuesday, May 30, 10 a.m.
Dr. Carlton B. Goodlett steps of City Hall

San Francisco, Calif. — While San Francisco has recently benefited from a tremendous economic boom, these benefits have not been shared with the city’s low-income Latino and immigrant community. With one of the widest income gaps in the country, Latino families continue to face high rates of unemployment, displacement, and numerous other economic stressors. New waves of gentrification and increased attacks on immigrants compound an already distressed community. To effectively and positively impact the real needs of Latino families in San Francisco, parity and equity in San Francisco’s budget allocations is imperative.

The San Francisco Latino Parity and Equity Coalition, a group of 25 community-based organizations, has worked for a year to document the most-pressing needs facing Latino families in five neighborhoods. The findings from the work of the Coalition were included in a detailed report and submitted to the Mayor’s Office of Housing and Community Development. This report is available for public review.

Recognizing the importance of demonstrating these needs, Executive Director Sam Ruiz of Mission Neighborhood Centers notes, “After years of hearing we had not satisfactorily made the case for our request for support, the Coalition worked in good faith to document the devastating impact that gentrification, neglect and other factors has had on our community.”

Adds Executive Director Mario Paz of Good Samaritan Family Resource Center, “This comprehensive analysis of how Latinos are impacted across housing, education, health and other areas, is intended to inform the budget process at its inception, rather than after it is too late. Our goal is to see the Mayor’s budget proposal address the needs of the Latino community that are documented in our report.”

On June 1, Mayor Lee will release his proposed budget for FY2017-18, including the prioritization of monies to address the specific needs of the Latino community.


About the San Francisco Latino Parity and Equity Coalition
The San Francisco Latino Parity and Equity Coalition (SFLPEC) is a broad-based, citywide coalition working to ensure that Latinos who live or work in San Francisco are being justly represented and provided with the resources they need to reach their full potentials. Our coalition, which represents members from leading nonprofit, housing, immigration, social service and advocacy groups across the city, was established on the belief that the City’s budget should promote investments which empower Latino communities and reduce inequities for San Francisco’s Latino residents, particularly in the wake of the unprecedented affordability and displacement crisis. 

Coalition Members
Calle 24 Latino Cultural District
Carnaval SF
Catholic Charities
Dolores Street Community Services
Good Samaritan Family Resource Center
Holy Family Day Home
Horizons Unlimited of San Francisco
Instituto Familiar de la Raza
La Raza Community Resource Center
La Voz Latina
Low Riders Council
Mission Economic Development Agency
Mission Educational Projects Inc.
Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts
Mission Housing Development Corporation
Mission Language and Vocational School
Mission Neighborhood Centers, Inc.
Mission Neighborhood Health Center
Mission Neighborhood Resource Center
Our Mission NO Eviction
Vota Ya San Francisco


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