Mission Neighborhood Stabilization Plan Released by Community

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October 15, 2015

Mission Neighborhood Stabilization Plan Released by Community
Aims to keep the Mission’s Latino and working-class populations intact via implementation of affordable-housing strategies

San Francisco, CA—The Mission Economic Development Agency (MEDA) has worked with renowned organizations and the community to create a comprehensive “Mission Neighborhood Stabilization Plan,” for which an outline and framework were released yesterday, plus Memo #1, entitled “The Mission, Today and Tomorrow.” A group took to the steps of San Francisco’s City Hall to announce the plan.

The plan breaks down how preservation and production of residential and commercial spaces are needed. With regard to housing, 2,400 affordable-housing units are needed just to get back to the 2010 level of Latinos and working-class residents in the neighborhood.

“The Mission District has a history of being a diverse, working-class and immigrant neighborhood, filled with people from all walks of life. Unfortunately, its cultural heritage is being drained away by luxury-rate development coupled by high rents. We believe this Mission Neighborhood Stabilization Plan will go a long way toward helping ease displacement in the neighborhood, and can be used as guidance for the Neighborhood Stabilization Plan mandated in Proposition I, on the upcoming ballot,” said Gabriel Medina, MEDA policy manager.

“It’s ultimately going to be up the community and the City to create a plan to stabilize the Mission District’s rapid gentrification. Today’s plan that was released is based on research and community input. This should be the impetus to start fruitful conversations about what really needs to happen to save the Mission,” echoed Karoleen Feng, MEDA’s director of community real estate. Her team has already implemented some strategies from the plan to stem displacement in the Mission District.

There are 12 more memos planned, per the outline.




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