Mission Elder of the Week: Clara Luz Quezada

Mission Elder of the Week: Clara Luz Quezada
Name: Clara Luz Quezada
Born in: Guatemala
Current Neighborhood: Mission

When and why did you make San Francisco your home?
We had to leave Guatemala in 1955 because of political turmoil. My grandparents took their kids and grandchildren and we fled to the U.S. for refuge and for better opportunities such as education and work.

How do you love about the Mission?
I enjoy the Mission for many reasons. The weather is the best in the Bay Area. I love the culture and the mix of people from throughout the world. As a senior, public transportation is critical for me to get around to visit people and do my shopping. My son, Eric Quezada, lived and died in the Mission — he dedicated his life to improving the lives of poor people.

Why does the Mission need affordable housing for seniors?
We need low-income housing for older people like me. Our monthly Social Security is not enough to cover the rent here in San Francisco — not even for a room. I am currently not at risk of being evicted, but you never know. I have known many people like me who have been evicted from the Mission.

How can City leaders and elected officials improve the Mission housing crisis?
I ask the Mayor to house people who need it the most. Those families and seniors who are living on the streets, or moving from room to room, or being passed around by family members because they can’t a afford a place of their own.

Do you support affordable housing for seniors in the Mission?
Please sign our petition in support of 1296 Shotwell 100 percent affordable-housing rentals for seniors.

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