Mission Community Holds Press Conference at City Hall, Demands Fairness for Latinos in FY17-18 Budget

The San Francisco Latino Parity and Equity Coalition, a group of 25 community-based organizations, has worked for a year to document the most-pressing needs facing Latino families in five neighborhoods. The findings from the work of the Coalition were included in a detailed report and submitted to the Mayor’s Office of Housing and Community Development. This has resulted in an additional $700,000 for the Latino community of San Francisco.

Here is the speech made by MEDA Executive Director Luis Granados (photo, back row, center) at a May 30 City Hall press conference around this issue:

“MEDA is a member of the San Francisco Parity and Equity Coalition. This is a group of service providers focused on serving low-income Latinos.

“We understand that despite San Francisco’s continued economic success, the City’s Latinos as a population continue to experience many challenges, including those related to:

  • Housing
  • Jobs
  • Education
  • Health
  • Immigration

“So we are here to demand that the City’s budget reflect the crisis that is being experienced by San Francisco’s Latinos, by providing needed resources to address these issues.

“We want the Board of Supervisors and the Mayor’s office to allocate these resources in FY17-18 budget. Thank you.”

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