MEDA's Revised Results

MEDA’s Strategic Plan 2021-24 puts forward our organization’s strategies for our work over the next four years. Our plan is the culmination of a year’s work, involving reiterative input from MEDA’s staff members, Board of Directors, clients and stakeholders. The planning process was led by our Strategic Planning Team, consisting of staff at the Chief Officer, Director and Associate Director level. Starting in late 2019, this team convened on a regular basis to map out priorities for our results and Operations departments, refine content and devise core strategies. Throughout 2020, members of the Planning team led all staff members, the Board and a focus group of clients in activities to review draft language and discuss core concepts.

Included in our Strategic Plan 2021-24 are our revised results. 

Our six Results make up the essential domains necessary to achieve MEDA’s organizational vision, and represent the primary goals of our mission. These results reflect how MEDA operates at multiple scales, from our on-the-ground work in the Mission and San Francisco to our advocacy and coalition- building efforts at the state and national level. Our revised results are:

Result 1. Families are financially thriving

Result 2. Families have affordable and stable housing

Result 3. Children and youth succeed in school

Result 4. The Mission is a strong and supportive community for Latino residents, businesses and institutions

Result 5. San Francisco’s Latino residents are decision-makers in the institutions and political systems that affect their lives

Result 6. Nationwide, organizations rooted in historically underserved communities are equipped to ensure that families, workers and small businesses thrive


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