MEDA Strategic Plan Result 2: Families Have Affordable and Stable Housing

With the release of its Strategic Plan, MEDA has re-envisioned its work via five measurable results to be achieved for the San Francisco Mission District community by 2020.

This is blog #2 of 5 that will detail these five results.

Result 2: Families Have Affordable and Stable Housing

Definition of result
Affordable and stable housing is fundamental to health, employment, educational achievement and economic security. MEDA seeks to ensure that families are housed in permanently affordable housing, and are not spending more than one-third of their household income on rent. We want to help families own affordable homes in San Francisco, stay in their rent-controlled or affordable units, and access newly created affordable opportunities in the Mission District and beyond.

Description of need
Affordable housing is one of the biggest challenges faced by the Latino community in San Francisco and throughout the Bay Area. The Mission District, despite being a multi- generational hub for Latinos, has also seen a dramatic drop of Latino share of the population, from 50 percent in 2000 to 38 percent in 2010. The loss of Latino households accelerated in 2010, when economic recovery created a booming tech sector that resulted in strong demand for housing in the Mission District among a higher-income demographic. This has led to signifcantly higher increases in rents and corresponding rent burden for Latino households.


MEDA will be creating outcomes for the community around Result 2. This blog will showcase our results being achieved.

Please join us in this work.


Read of all five results — and the entire 60-page strategic plan — via our online flipbook.

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