MEDA Strategic Plan Result 1: Families are Financially Thriving

With the release of its Strategic Plan, MEDA has re-envisioned its work via five measurable results to be achieved for the San Francisco Mission District community by 2020.

This is blog #1 of 5 that will detail these five results.

Result 1: Families are Financially Thriving

Definition of result
Latino families are thriving financially. This means earning a living wage with income mobility, participating in safe banking, accessing and leveraging tax credits, having a credit score above 700, low debt and enough savings to weather life’s challenges, as well as meeting long-term goals like homeownership and education. MEDA supports families to build long- term assets that will transfer across generations to come.

Description of need
Ninety-three percent of MEDA’s clients are low- to moderate-income, and approximately three-fourths are Latino. While the 2016 median income in San Francisco is $75,600, the median income for families served by MEDA is approximately $29,000, and about two- thirds of Mission Promise Neighborhood parents do not have a bank or credit union account. Over one-third of Latino adults in the Mission lack a high school diploma, and Latinos experience significantly higher unemployment than non-Latinos.


MEDA will be creating outcomes for the community around Result 1. This blog will showcase our results being achieved.

Please join us in this work.


Read of all five results — and the entire 60-page strategic plan — via our online flipbook.

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