MEDA Partners for Success

PartnerIt’s always great when synchronicity occurs. This was definitely the case recently for MEDA Job Developer Orrian Willis.

How so?

Willis had attended a job fair, where he met two recruiters for UCSF, with their niche being temp to perm administration positions in the medical field. Willis nurtured this relationship so that MEDA Workforce Development Program clients were considered pre-screened for such positions, meaning once they applied online, a call was made and they were given a definite look.

Since MEDA did not have enough clients with the credentials to fill UCSF’s need, Willis reached out to a Mission Promise Neighborhood (MPN) partner, Mission Language and Vocational School (MLVS), located not far from Plaza Adelante, the Mission neighborhood center.

According their website, “MLVS has been in continuous operation as a community-based education center for over 45 years, administering federal, state and locally funded programs. More than 70% of graduating students continue to be employed after one year, managing to escape the poverty cycle and become self-sufficient, productive individuals in their communities.”

Willis then called his contacts at UCSF, who were receptive to MEDA’s partner sending over candidates. UCSF’s recruitment team was composed of Frank Burgoyne, Rebecca Kesler, Jennifer Wilson-Fischer and Belinda Espinoza.

Willis worked with MLVS staff of Executive Director Rosario Anaya, Natalie Hopner and Rosamunda Ayala.

UCSF 1 FrankUCSF’s Burgoyne, Talent Acquisitions Specialist, offered up good advice for those looking to work at UCSF, which is the second-largest employer in San Francisco–after the city itself. States Burgoyne, “When looking for a job, research the company, customize your resume to the job, prepare for the interview so you shine, dress to impress and make sure to ask engaging questions before you leave the interview. Put yourself in the driving seat of your job search through preparation.”

That is exactly what MEDA does every day with its clients, as does MLVS.

49. Orrian Willis

Willis gladly facilitated this relationship, recognizing that MPN is a community initiative, owned by all organizations in the Mission for the good of all neighborhood residents.

“Since we didn’t have any more clients who fit UCSF’s employment needs, I was glad I could help MLVS’s clients. That’s what community is all about,” explains Willis.

Synchronicity had definitely occurred, as MEDA partnered for success.