Naming opportunity for Plaza Adelante

MEDA is offering funders a naming opportunity for Plaza Adelante to acknowledge contributions to the Plaza Adelante Capital Campaign. Each room within Plaza Adelante will be named in honor of an indigenous group within the Americas. Campaign contributors have the exclusive opportunity to sponsor a room and select the indigenous group the room will be named after. Within each sponsored room, a plaque will be prominently displayed featuring the name and logo of the sponsor, the name of the indigenous group and a brief narrative on the group’s history and culture.

Spaces within Plaza Adelante have been assigned values based on location and size. Campaign contributors can select a room of choice based on contribution amount. For example, a donor whose contribution was $100,000 would be able to choose one room for $100,000.

Please review these items and selection process and contact Jonathan Segarra (, (415) 282-3334 x 120) if you have any other questions. Without your gift, Plaza Adelante would not have been possible. Recognizing funders with naming opportunities at Plaza Adelante is our way of thanking you for your generous contribution and honoring your role in bringing this project to life. Through your room dedication, clients, staff and members of the public will be permanently reminded of the partnerships and contributions that brought Plaza Adelante to the community.