MEDA May 2015 Volunteer of the Month: Ernesto Martinez

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Each month, the Mission Economic Development Agency honors one of its dedicated volunteers—the people who are an integral part of MEDA’s ability to provide free services to low- and moderate-income Bay Area residents. Thanks to all of the selfless MEDA volunteers who choose Plaza Adelante as their second home. 

Name: Ernesto Martinez
Program: Workforce Development

Why did you decide to volunteer with MEDA?
I chose to volunteer with MEDA out of a desire to assist the underserved residents of San Francisco in raising their standard of living. After researching various nonprofits throughout the Bay Area. I came to the conclusion that MEDA’s approach to economic development and asset building was the most comprehensive and expansive of all local organizations, and one of which I wanted to be a part.

What projects have you worked on as a volunteer?
I have worked on a few different projects as a MEDA volunteer. These include assisting with initial intake of clients for the Workforce Development program and helping design their Individual Employment Plans, working with the Mission Techies Academy to plan out their college and career goals, and also conducting market research for potential Workforce Development training programs.

What do you like best about volunteering at MEDA?
The staff and clients are by far the best part of volunteering at MEDA. The Mission District, with its vibrant and diverse culture, has a fantastic community full of hard-working and kind people. Both the clients we serve and the staff are representative of that community. I always look forward to a day of volunteering at MEDA.

What have you learned from your volunteer experience?
I have learned various skills and concepts while at MEDA. One of the most important skills I’ve developed is learning to communicate with the full range of MEDA’s clients and developing an insight and appreciation for the community and clients whom we serve.

Tell us something we may not know about you. Any interesting facts you’d like to share about your life?
An interesting fact about me is that as a child I was a de facto Girl Scout because both my older sisters were in the organization and my parents didn’t want to have to drive me to Boy Scouts. 

Looking to join a great cause, too? Find out how to volunteer at MEDA. We hope you can join us!


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