MEDA Looks to Work Collaboratively with Mayor-elect London Breed

With London Breed now officially declared San Francisco’s next mayor, MEDA congratulates her on a hard-fought victory over formidable candidates. Breed is the first female African American mayor of San Francisco — a milestone in our City’s political history. San Francisco is now the largest city in the United States with a woman at the helm.

In her acceptance speech on Wednesday, Breed stressed the importance of unity as we work together to meet the current challenges of San Francisco. MEDA knows full well of these challenges, as we strengthen our low-income clients’ lives in a time of an ever-widening income gap that has resulted in astronomical housing costs and pressures on our family-serving ventures just to stay in business. While San Francisco is generating enormous wealth for many, there are still far too many being left behind and being displaced from their homes. A city of such resources should be able to provide a fair wage for all, an affordable place to lay your head at night and schools that create equity of opportunity for the next generation. We must work together to preserve and celebrate the economic and cultural diversity of our neighborhoods, including San Francisco’s Mission District, which has been MEDA’s home for 45 years.

We are encouraged that Mayor Breed aspires to be “A Mayor for All,” as her campaign proposed, for diversity has long been San Francisco’s strength. Let’s all support Mayor Breed — and the team she puts in place — as we collectively tackle our City’s pressing issues.


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