MEDA Denounces Supreme Court Overturning Roe, Deems Decision an Assault on Women’s Right to Health Care

The Supreme Court overturning 1973’s Roe v. Wade decision translates to half of U.S. states, mainly comprising a large swath of the South and Midwest, immediately banning or strongly curtailing abortion rights. As a social justice organization, MEDA always works toward equity. That is why we deem this decision an affront to one of our North Stars.

Over 200 abortion clinics will shutter, which is one-quarter of all such facilities in the nation. This is a misogynistic, direct assault on half of our population, with the majority of justices failing to protect women as equal citizens. If those who can give birth do not have choice around when – and if – they have a child, they have lost inherent power not over just their bodies, but over their lives. This is unconscionable. It should be noted that reproductive care affects everyone, including men, trans, nonbinary and intersex people. 

We fear what the future now holds. Will a small patchwork of blue states be compelled to cover care for the rest of American women? Will this historic moment irrevocably change the political landscape and cultural face of the U.S., leading to the nullification of other rights won in the last five decades, such as the right to contraception, to engage in private consensual sexual activity and to marry someone of the same sex? Will the abortion pill, now responsible for up to 60% of abortions, be outlawed, putting pregnant people in unsafe situations where they may be forced to obtain abortions performed by unqualified individuals, thereby risking their health and lives?

Especially concerning is that this reactionary act by the Supreme Court will disproportionately affect and subjugate people of color, especially women. Communities of color historically have had less access to safe, high-quality medical care. Additionally, Latinos and Blacks have more abortions than their white counterparts, often due to issues around not having sufficient income to raise a child. Those with money will still be able to fly to a blue state, or even another country, for an abortion procedure. We commend states, such as California, that have taken steps to create additional laws and systems that protect this right.

MEDA vows to:

  • Always stand up for the rights of women – mothers, aunts, sisters, partners and spouses.
  • Always stand up for the rights of all historically marginalized groups.
  • Urge our community members to vote. We must act on our right to choose elected officials who will defend one’s right to choose

In solidarity,
Luis Granados
Chief Executive Officer

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