Lead Free Hosted Breakfast Launch Event

Wednesday, February 2013, San Francisco, CA – MEDA, a community-based economic development corporation located in San Francisco’s Mission District, hosted a breakfast launch event to introduce Lead Free LLC to city officials, real estate and construction professionals, and community members. Lead Free will serve the community by providing lead testing and lead cleaning, post-construction detailing, EPA RRP training, and employment opportunities for low-income individuals while working to end childhood lead poisoning. Lead Free will also generate revenue to support MEDA operations.

The networking event will featured an overview of Lead Free LLC’s services and remarks by:

  • Ginny Fontenot, Lead Free Social Enterprise Program Manager
  • Malea Chavez, MEDA, Director of Plaza Adelante Sparkpoint/Director of Special Projects
  • San Francisco Supervisor David Campos, District 9
  • Joseph Ruiz, Rhapsody Green Center, Founder and CEO

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