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Through my time at the Mission Techies program, I was able to greatly expand my knowledge regarding technology. Before coming to MEDA, I knew very little about technology and would have a mini-freakout moment whenever our home technology would have problems because I didn’t know what to do. Through this free program, I believe I am better prepared to deal with those types of situations and even more.

“During my time at this program, I was able to take Mac’s, PC’s and towers apart and put them back together. I received an introductory course into coding with Java and learned about cabling, both of which are not easy tasks as a first-timer. I learned about software, hardware and networking, all of which Technology Training Coordinator Leo Sosa was very informative. Not only was I able to develop technology skills of which I had no previous knowledge, but I was able to sharpen my public-speaking skills, job readiness skills (resume, references, elevator pitch, etc.), make a LinkedIn account and connect with my peers, and attend financial capability workshops.

“For a long time, I have had my mind set on the medical field as a career goal, but I still try to get involved in different programs so that I can learn something new or further my knowledge on a topic I know limited information about. When I heard of the MEDA programs available for young adults, I decided to take part in the Mission Techies program because not only is the Bay Area the capital of technology right now, but we are in general going through a technology revolution, where things are rapidly changing and it is necessary to stay on top. Through this experience, I have developed an interest in the technology field and am now considering minoring in biotechnology and will search for further information when returning to school.

“Thank you, MEDA, for teaching me all that I have learned in the Mission Techies program.”

Jennifer Martínez
Mission Techies
Summer 2015 Cohort

If you are interested in free young adult training, please contact Leo Sosa at (415) 282-3334 ext. 105;

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