Election 2016: MEDA Proposition Voter Recommendations for the Mission Community

Vote Pins-BlogWith the Nov. 8 election now in sight, MEDA’s Policy Committee has announced its voter recommendations on propositions that are on the ballot. The committee annually studies each proposition and whether its passage would positively or negatively affect our 7,000 annual clients, and the Mission community at large.

Here are the propositions on which MEDA has taken a stand (letter names for each are still being determined).

MEDA-Led initiatives

Vote Yes: Non-Citizens Voting in School Board Election (will be Prop N)

Vote Yes: Production, Distribution & Repair Preservation (will be Prop X)

MEDA Ally- and Membership-Led Initiatives

√ Vote Yes: UMB Bond Reallocation to Finance Housing Preservation

√ Vote Yes: Housing and Development Commission

Vote No: Competitive Bidding for Affordable Housing Projects

Vote No: Affordable Housing Requirements for Market-Rate Projects

Vote No: Prohibiting Tents on Public Sidewalks

Vote No: Neighborhood Crime Unit

√ Vote Yes: Tax on Sugar-Sweetened Beverages

√ Vote Yes: Youth Voting in Local Elections

MEDA Relevant Issue Areas

√ Vote Yes: School Bond

√ Vote Yes: City College Parcel Tax

√ Vote Yes: MTA Appointments and Budget

√ Vote Yes: Funding for Homelessness and Transportation

√ Vote Yes: Real Estate Transfer Tax on Properties over $5 Million

√ Vote Yes: Allocation of Hotel Tax Funds

Other Issue Areas

√ Vote Yes: Dignity Fund for Seniors and Adults with Disabilities

√ Vote Yes: Department of Police Accountability: Yes

√ Vote Yes: Restricting Gifts and Campaign Contributions from Lobbyists

x Vote No: Lennar Office Development in Candlestick & Hunters Point

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