Committee to Save the Mission to Hold “Latin Legends Rock for La Mission” Concert to Benefit “Yes on Prop I”

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Talk about rockin’ the vote! That is, the citywide vote to make sure everyone understands the need to choose “Yes on Prop I” when sending in that absentee ballot or heading to the polls on November 3rd. Knowing they are being outspent 10:1 by the “No” side’s grouping of real estate agents and high-powered developers, the Committee to Save the Mission will hold a benefit “Latin Legends Rock for La Mission” concert on Thursday, October 8th, from 6pm until midnight (tickets). The venue is the popular Roccapulco.

History of Latin Rock in the Mission
The Mission’s Latin Rock explosion of the late 1960’s brought forth a distinctive sound that is still popular today. Santana was the first artist to record a Latin Rock album, being immediately followed by Malo, Sapo and Azteca.

Since that time, Latin Bloods, Puro Bandido, Mission Varrio Project, Los Mocosos and many other bands have recorded Latin Rock music from the Mission, with millions of albums having been sold worldwide. Latin Rock has influenced such musical groups as War, El Chicano, Tierra and Tower of Power.

Many Latin Rock artists have even taught music in the Mission’s schools, community centers and cultural institutions.

Sadly, many of these artists have now been evicted from their longtime neighborhood.

Laments community activist Roberto Hernandez, “The loss of these musicians’ creativity creates a vacuum in the Mission. This music feeds the heart, soul and spirit of our community. We slowly can no longer hear those sounds coming out of garages–sounds that many of us grew up hearing every day. Who will teach our children and youth without musicians? Will the next Carlos Santana be able to come from the Mission?”

To celebrate the history of Latin Rock in the Mission, the “Yes on Prop I” benefit concert will feature an incredible lineup of legendary artists with roots in the neighborhood. While all have recorded and toured around the world, it’s the Mission that still has their heart. That’s why they are all playing at the “Yes on Prop I” benefit concert to save the Mission.

The exciting lineup includes: Leo Rosales, the former timbalero of Malo; John Calloway, specializing in Cuban popular, Latin and Latin jazz music; John Santos, the five-time Grammy-nominated percussionist; Marcus Lopez, whose instrument of choice is the bass; Mission Varrio Project, with its toe-tapping beat; and the ever-popular Dr. Loco & DJ Bobby A.

Plus, there will be a surprise guest.

“Yes on Prop I”
If passed by voters, Prop I will pause the construction of luxury housing in the Mission District for 18 months and force the City to work with the community to create a Neighborhood Stabilization Plan by January 2017, with a minimum of two public meetings required by the legislation.

Issues of widening income disparity, escalating rents and displacement are most egregious in the Mission, so creating a plan for this community will become a model for San Francisco’s other neighborhoods. So whether you live in North Beach, the Sunset or the Bayview—or any other San Francisco neighborhood—your “Yes on Prop I” vote is a way of letting everyone know you care about keeping San Francisco’s culture diverse and inclusive.

Event info
When you buy your ticket–with a sliding scale of $20-$50–all money will be donated to the cause.

The venue has been generously donated by Roccapulco, as has all of the musicians’ time.

See you at Roccapulco on Thursday, October 8th, as the community joins together to say “Yes on Prop I” … and yes to Latin Rock coming out of the Mission for many more years.


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