With 2205 Mission St. Purchase, MEDA Announces Innovative and Collaborative Approach to Land Use in the Historic Mission District

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Jan. 3, 2018

MEDA Announces Innovative and Collaborative Approach to Land Use in the Historic Mission District
2205 Mission St. purchase offers 48 affordable homes, early learning center and cultural placekeeping for the Mission

San Francisco, Calif. The Mission Economic Development Agency (MEDA) has purchased a building at 18th and Mission streets that will house affordable for-sale homes, child care programs for Mission Neighborhood Centers, Inc. (MNC) expansion and community-serving dance programs relocating Dance Mission Theater. Sharing space is the hallmark of this endeavor.

In an effort the tackle the lack of affordable housing and the diminishing nonprofit sector in the historic Mission District, this groundbreaking project hopes to be a model of collaboration and a collective response to what has felt like an assault on a community that has held affordable housing and arts as cornerstones of its being able to thrive. The result will make sure that the Mission is a strong and supportive community for Latino residents, businesses and institutions.

The deal was closed on the structure at 2205 Mission St., which dates from 1924, has been shuttered for many years and has significant deferred maintenance. Plans call for salvaging the bottom two floors, with six floors added above. The design by Gelfand Partners Architects will ensure neither negative lighting nor air effects on neighboring structures.

Explains MEDA Director of Community Real Estate Director Karoleen Feng of the addition of 2205 Mission St. to MEDA’s growing affordable-housing portfolio: “MEDA’s mission is to support families to build assets. We know from serving families through our First-Time Homebuyers program since 2000 that the private market offers few affordable homeownership opportunities for people to call a permanent home. Our Community Real Estate team will provide such opportunities through 2205 Mission St.”

With the data from a Mission Promise Neighborhood survey (see Page 29) evidencing the need for more quality early learning slots in the community, MEDA is embracing the participation of MNC, which will inhabit and own approximately 6,800 square feet on the first floor for its expanding early learning centers, with additional outdoor play space for children served on site.

The Mission Promise Neighborhood is a citywide community partnership created to support kids and families living, working and attending school in the Mission District. Their data noted the need for quality, early education and care facilities in the Mission; therefore, MNC will invest and own approximately 6,800 square feet on the first floor of 2205 Mission St. in collaboration with MEDA. In addition, MNC’s space will also include ideal outdoor space for the children.

“The new space will enable MNC to provide full day, year round early care and educational services to our youngest community members in the Mission,” ecplains Santiago “Sam” Ruiz, Executive Director of MNC. “This space is pivotal in providing MNC the opportunity to enhance and expand our early care and educational programming, and to create a nurturing environment for our children and their family members. We’re very excited about this project and we’re happy to be partnering with MEDA, which is also rooted in the Mission, and their mission to build assets for low-income Latino families.”

Cultural placekeeping as an integral part of MEDA’s plan for neighborhood stabilization will translate to Dance Mission finding a new home. Beleaguered by rising rent and lease instability, Dance Mission will be housed in 10,000 square feet of multipurpose studio, performing and office space. Says artistic Director Krissy Keefer, “Finding a permanent home for Dance Mission’s dedicated and expanding community is at the forefront of our vision. Our current program has over 1,500 people a week enjoying the benefit of our classes, workshops, girl-empowerment programs and performances. We do not want to lose what we have all built over the last 20 years. We welcome the efforts that MEDA has made to create a partnership that holds so many communities under one roof. This is revolutionary, and we like to be part of that.”  

The acquisition is financed with Low-Income Investment Fund (LIIF), Neighbor-to-Neighbor Fund, MNC and MEDA. LIIF is a steward for capital invested in housing, child care, education and other community-building initiatives, of which 2205 Mission St. typifies. LIIF provides a bridge between private capital markets and low-income neighborhoods.  

Once again, MEDA is expanding how our neighbors can invest in their own community. The Neighbor-to-Neighbor Fund provided the patient equity to ensure this building could be turned into a community asset.


About Mission Economic Development Agency (MEDA)
Rooted in the Mission and focused on San Francisco, MEDA’s mission is to strengthen low- and moderate-income Latino families by promoting economic equity and social justice through asset building and community development.

About Low Income Investment Fund (LIIF)
Low Income Investment Fund is dedicated to creating pathways of opportunity for low-income people and communities.

About Neighbor-to-Neighbor Fund (N2N)
The Neighbor-to-Neighbor Fund‘s goal is to preserve neighborhoods where low- and moderate-income residents, immigrants, teachers and artists will thrive.

About Dance Mission
Dance Brigade’s mission is to engage diverse Bay Area communities and artists in the exploration of contemporary social issues by creating, producing, presenting and teaching feminist and multicultural dance/theater.

About Mission Neighborhood Centers, Inc. (MNC)
Mission Neighborhood Centers delivers culturally sensitive, multi-generational, community-based services focused on low-income families. We develop and promote leadership skills that empower families to build strong, healthy and vibrant neighborhoods.  

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