Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month: “Arte en la Plaza”

Arte en la Plaza-BlogGrowing up in agrarian Mexico, sans modern conveniences, lends itself to having the landscape be your visual and a mind that is compelled to be creative to the max. Such was the experience of America F. Jimenez de Lara (pictured), who has had her organization, Global America, transform MEDA’s Plaza Adelante into a gallery sure to delight visitors.

With the simple name of “Arte en la Plaza” (“Art in the Plaza”), the walls of Plaza Adelante visually reflect the Latino community to which MEDA offers free services.

There are 28 local Latino artists being showcased, with a bounty of objets d’art running the gamut, from paintings and mixed media to photography and sculptures.

Thursday night was a gallery opening so that the community could meander the three levels of Plaza Adelante and experience the exhibit that pays homage to all things Latino.

Jiminez de Lara, donning a dress as colorful as her art, has been in the U.S. for twelve years. She started writing poetry at age seven back in Mexico, with her artistic flair flowing forth ever since.

Jiminez de Lara’s vision for Global America is that it be a platform for artists of all ethnicities and backgrounds. While the focus of this exhibit is Latino art, Global America is inclusive.

“Global America promotes intellectual creativity. I want to enhance and highlight fellow artists. The organization has a goal of cultural education for the Bay Area,” explains Jiminez.

Director of Development Jillian Spindle helped bring the exhibit to MEDA’s Mission neighborhood center, cognizant that this would be the perfect tribute to “Hispanic Heritage Month.”

Spindle was pleased to see the results tonight, stating, “We are excited and energized by the new art displays throughout Plaza Adelante. MEDA is grateful to America F. Jiminez de Lara and her organization, Global America, for transforming Plaza Adelante into an arts showcase for talented, local Latino artists. It will be here for the community to enjoy for the next few months—we invite you to come out and see these beautiful pieces!”

The exhibit is slated to be showcased for the next few months, so stop by Plaza Adelante and enjoy.