Bilingual Bank Teller Graduation Speech: Angelica Colon-Chin, In Her Own Words


Hello, everyone, my name is Angelica and I hope that everyone is having a great Thursday. First, I would like to thank the Mission Economic Development Agency (MEDA) for all the free programs they provide. Thank you, Leo Sosa, for recruiting us and always having such great energy. Thank you, Olivia Quinonez, our wonderful job coach, for assisting us to build stronger resumes, elevator pitches, references and cover letters, plus guiding us in the direction of becoming more professional.

Last, but not least, thank you, Ivan Hurtado, the best instructor for which anyone could ask. What can I say: without him, this class would not be possible. He has faithfully shown up each morning ready to teach, answering every question we threw at him. So, THANK YOU again for not giving up on us and pushing us to continue on.

Today, Laura, Jose, Alejandra, Vontrice and I are graduating from the Bilingual Bank Teller program. Where did the 10 weeks go? In this program, we have been exposed to endless bank concepts, such as: different types of accounts; cash-handling exercises; bank terminology; undercover bank visits, which allowed us to observe different levels of customer service provided at different banks around the Mission neighborhood; and much more.

With the help of Leo, Olivia and Ivan, we’ve now got a foot in the door and are graduating with more confidence and knowledge to take on the path ahead of us.”

Angelica Colon-Chin