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Why I Give Wednesday: MEDA Operations Assistant Rosabella Safont

To celebrate this season of giving and thankfulness, every Wednesday we will showcase staff, Board members, volunteers and clients telling what this Mission District, San Francisco nonprofit brings to their lives. The challenges facing the Mission District’s low-income Latino residents today can seem daunting, but I’m reminded that this community has a long history of struggle and perseverance….

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¡VIVA MEDA! 42nd Anniversary Celebration a Night to Remember

The world has changed plenty since 1973 when MEDA started its mission of asset building for the low-income Latino community in San Francisco, but one thing has remained the same: the need to offer a helping hand to those looking to achieve family economic success. Such success is designed in many ways, so MEDA has…

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MEDA’s Rosabella Safont Honored with “Unsung Hero” Award by NCLR

A neighborhood is made up of its many residents—the pieces of a puzzle that need to come together to complete a picture. While many make a name for themselves, it is often the people in the background that can truly help lift up a community. Take someone born in the Mission to a spirited immigrant…

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