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Abraham Velazquez of Dropbox Drops in to MEDA to Teach Mission Techies Web Skills

Abraham Velazquez’ immigrant mother couldn’t afford to buy her teenage son the computer he coveted. So she offered some maternal advice: mow lawns and save up enough money for such a purchase. The result was one-too-many sweltering days in the summer heat of Chicago leading to the buying of a basic PC, with Velazquez’ adolescent…

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MEDA Welcomes Youths to Summer Programs

Leo Sosa woke up early Wednesday morning in San Francisco’s Visitacion Valley neighborhood, the fog-laden sky affording just enough light for MEDA’s Technology Training Manager to give his shoes that extra shine he desired. A couple of miles away, Job Coach Olivia Quinonez sorted through her closet to find her most professional of outfits and…

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Tech Volunteers Teach Mission Techies to Code

When MEDA’s Technology Manager Richard Abisla mingled at a Facebook-sponsored Happy Hour in the Mission, he met Kurtis Nusbaum of the tech giant’s Messenger Team. Their discussion about the Mission Techies—financially challenged youths aged 17-24 who learn free IT skills at MEDA—led to Kurtis volunteering to teach code to the fortunate group last night from…

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