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Small-Business Displacements Tearing at the Fabric of Mission Life

The current situation “Living at Vida means you live in a richly diverse neighborhood with immediate access to . . . locally owned businesses. Living at Vida means you are part of a vibrant community.” These words jump off the pages of a brightly colored brochure touting sales for expensive residences at a 114-unit, gleaming…

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MEDA’s Avni Desai Helps San Francisco Stay Ahead of the Pack

While it’s a long way from the South Bronx in New York City to South-Central Los Angeles, the landscape of the main commercial strip of any underserved American community showcases a common feature: billboards of happy-looking people of color smoking the popular cigarettes of the day. Citizens need not venture far to transform this message…

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MEDA 11/4/14 Voter Recommendations (Bilingual)

MEDA Voter Recommendations for the November 2014 General Election  Yes on C Protect $125 million of funding needed for schools, early childhood and youth enrichment programs. Prop C renews the San Francisco Children’s Fund and the San Francisco Public Education Enrichment Fund for the next quarter century. These funds are needed to support and continue…

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MEDA Speaks Before San Francisco Chronicle Editorial Board

On Thursday, May 29th, MEDA had the honor of speaking before the San Francisco Chronicle  Editorial Board to discuss a cause that resonates with the nonprofit. The goal was to get the paper to champion that every student should have the opportunity to be part of San Francisco’s workforce of tomorrow, which is not the…

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MEDA’s Policy Manager Gabriel Medina Speaks in Sacramento to Slow Ellis Act Evictions

On Tuesday, April 8th, an important hearing was held in California’s state capital of Sacramento. SB 1439, put forth by assemblyman Mark Leno, would allow San Francisco to have jurisdiction over the state law for evictions, commonly called the Ellis Act. The city wants to enforce a five-year minimum of property ownership before Ellis Act…

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