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Director of Community Real Estate Karoleen Feng’s Speech at HUD’s Asian American Pacific Islander Month Celebration

Unite Our Mission By Engaging Each Other: Inclusion, Leadership, Persistence, Relationships, Effort & Dedication As we reflect as a community today on our Asian American Pacific Islander community’s place and future in the Bay Area, in California and across the land, let’s first remember to applaud our diversity — and our longtime contributions to this…

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MEDA Reaches 1,000 Homes Saved in Just Three Years, Sets New 2020 Goal

by Director of Community Real Estate Karoleen Feng A few years ago, MEDA staff consistently started hearing a dire story: Our families were experiencing no-fault evictions or being priced out of the Mission as an influx of newcomers earning six figures moved in. Sadly, the paucity of affordable-housing options — with a decade of zero…

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