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Elite Sport Soccer Achieves Goal to Stay in the Mission, Pro Bono Lawyer Instrumental

At a recent celebratory dinner in the Mission, Astrid and Jorge Lopez (photo, far right and far left) were joined by their two grown children and their pro bono attorney, Jeff Maso (photo, center). While breaking bread, Astrid turned to Maso and asked him to share their communal, rollercoaster ride of an experience of the…

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New Owner Has Goal to Displace Elite Sport Soccer from Long-Term Space in Mission

Stitching jerseys and jackets in a basement seven days a week is no task for the weary. When you know that is the only way to get a business off the ground, you make it happen. Such is the story of Astrid Acero López, who emigrated from Colombia in November 1988. She and her husband,…

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