Keep Your Home California

MEDA can help eligible homeowners avoid preventable foreclosures via the “Keep Your Home California” program.

Programs include:

  • Unemployment Mortgage Assistance – Provides temporary assistance to eligible homeowners who have suffered involuntary unemployment. 
  • Principal Reduction Program – Helps homeowners with severe negative equity qualify for a sustainable loan modification, by reducing principal loan balances. 
  • Mortgage Reinstatement Assistance Program – Helps eligible homeowners reinstate their first mortgage loan if they have fallen behind because of short-term financial problems. 
  • Transition Assistance Program – Provides one-time funds to help homeowners relocate into a new housing situation if they have executed a short sale or deed-in-lieu of foreclosure program. 

Basic homeowner eligibility requirements:

  • Own and occupy the home as primary residence
  • Meet low- and moderate-income limits
  • Have documented eligible hardship
  • Have adequate income to sustain modified mortgage payment
  • Mortgage loan is delinquent or in imminent default 

Basic property eligibility requirements:

  • Mortgage is a first lien loan originated on or before January 1, 2009
  • Unpaid principal balance does not exceed $729,750
  • Property must not be abandoned, vacant or condemned
  • Property must be located in California 

If you are interested in learning if you qualify for the “Keep Your Home California” program, please contact: (888) 954-KEEP (5337);