Mission Action Plan 2020

Who We Are

The Mission Action Plan 2020 (MAP2020) is a comprehensive action plan for neighborhood sustainability through housing and job strategies for Mission residents, at each income level, for 2020 and beyond. MAP 2020 will target the reversal of displacement trends of low- to moderate-income residents, community-serving businesses and nonprofits. The strategies will encompass land-use and zoning policies, financing, opportunity sites and accountability mechanisms.

What We Do

At the heart of MAP2020 is the vision of the Mission District thriving as a healthy and safe community that provides families and their children the opportunity to prosper economically and to call San Francisco their permanent home.

  • MAP 2020 is for preserving Mission District as a Latino cultural and commercial core, as well as a neighborhood of choice for the most vulnerable households.
  • The stakeholders would be a broader set of groups beyond the core population of Latino and low- to moderate-income families that are not to be displaced.
  • The action plan starts as an anti-displacement plan, but adds in an asset-based plan for those at risk of displacement.
  • The long-term success of MAP 2020 will be established by the collaborative accountability for the goals established by community members and city agencies.


The primary outcomes of MAP2020 are:

  • To engage the Mission District, and especially those most affected by gentrification and housing disparities (low-income and working-class residents, SRO tenants, Spanish-speaking tenants, local school families, school workers and small business owners) and to develop popular support and advocacy for the changes necessary to protect their right to remain in their neighborhood.
  • To develop an inspiring framing that makes housing equity, in terms of housing preservation and production, and preservation of community resources, a central planning principle for all decisions by local activists and through advocacy, to be incorporated by city staff and elected officials.
  • To combat the loss of families in the Mission District, through a housing preservation strategy that combines tenant protections, regulations to encourage tenants and nonprofits to purchase vulnerable multi-unit buildings and the sufficient resources dedicated to the neighborhood for that purpose.
  • To achieve a percent of low-income housing that keeps pace with market-rate development, including funding for new construction and identification of publicly and privately owned sites to be purchased by the city, and tools for neighborhood residents to access this new housing.
  • To preserve vital community resources, including small businesses, legacy businesses and cultural/community resources.
  • To increase job pathways for low-income residents into growing sectors of the economy.

If you have questions about the Mission Action Plan 2020, please contact us:
(415) 282-3334 ext. 101; cre@medasf.org.